Men's Regular Fit Jeans

They made the history of denim, but they are always a part of the future: Sisley men's regular jeans are a classic model with a medium-low waist, relaxed fit and regular cut that is renewed season after season, with new details to discover.


Regular fit

The classic cut that does not follow fashion, but interprets it: the Sisley men's regular fit jeans focus on the authenticity of a model suitable for any occasion and physicality. Straight leg and regular waist are the main characteristics of a model loved by those who love a comfortable fit for their daily looks: the regular fit jeans from the new Sisley men's clothing collection enhance the casual spirit of denim and bring out its best features.
With polo shirts, t-shirts and sport jackets or with shirts, jackets and coats, Sisley men's regular fit jeans are an essential garment to face everyday occasions with ease, for those who want to wear a timeless garment with style.