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Gemy S68 Sneakers

Determined and exclusive: the iconic S68 sneakers get a facelift for a Limited Edition in pursuit of glamour.
UK Size
Milano, Italy
Punk rock for the new Limited Edition S68 sneakers. The "Gemy" model features a gold upper with tumbled look print and decorated with "I'm fine - Do what you love?" text stitched by hand. What makes the model even more glam and rocker is the stud detail in galvanic gold and a cloudy purple brush stroke on the sole... Put art on your feet. Limited Edition S68s are customized with a craft touch. Hand-knit workmanship guarantees that every single model is unique. The sneakers come in a personalized hand-painted bag with a decorative pendant which can also be used as a keychain. Replacement laces in different color.

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